Burritos and Halloween everything.
I enjoyed every moment of today.

I’m gonna try and buy a pumpkin today.

And not get kicked out of whatever place has them.


Why do dudes only send nudes when they are horny or jerking off or something? I send nudes anytime I’m feeling cute and I don’t think you have to jerk off to it, just appreciate my nudity, maybe I want to appreciate your’s too. Light looks cool coming through the window? put your dick under it, let me see that, wow brings a tear to my eye.

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Fuck, man.

Today seemed like it would never end.

random-colors104 said: Heey



Rungs In A Ladder - Jacob Bannon
A Film by Ian McFarland

I watch this from time to time when I’m feeling uninspired or unmotivated. At first, it was just really cool to learn more about Jacob Bannon and hear about his life - but now it’s become a source of inspiration. When I can’t get my shit together, when my mind is all over the place, or when I’m feeling lost and useless; I watch this, and it helps snap things back into perspective.

Thanks Jacob for sharing your life and insight with us, and thanks Ian McFarland for making such a beautiful and well done documentary. Cheers.


I didn’t realize how much I needed this.